Operates in the clothing sector producing quality items at highly competitive prices. Ever since establishing our company in 1999 we have continued to expand and we are now recognized as a fast turnover company.

Of Our three units, two are based in Istanbul, and one in London. Our units in Istanbul cover an area of 26,000 sq meters with a production capasity of 200,000 pieces a week.

We have one director based in Istanbul who work alongside our production team, and the personal account managers. Our London headquarters covers an area of 28,000 sq ft where we have one director based along with a sales team and personal account managers.

We have a warehouse unit based in London covring an area of 4,000 sq meters. We also operate our wholesale operation, from there supplying to retail groups.

We produce quality fashion wear specializing in fabrics such as; Interlock, velour, micro fiber, fleece, denim and twill. In Istanbul we have the latest electronic and computerizing technology with 2,000 machines, which are the key ingredient to satisfying international customers and shortening lead times.

In London We have a sales team and account managers who work very closely on a daily basis and will liaise with Istanbul to provide the customer with fast and accurate progress report.
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